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Information/Current Events

Upcoming Pageant 

August 2017 Please apply

State Annual Pageant:

Date: October 22, 2016
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Royal Priesthood International Embassy, Tempe, Arizona

Miss Christian Oklahoma Pageant

Miss Christian Arizona Pageant
Phoenix, AZ

Miss Christian Michigan Pageant
Redford, MI

FACT:  You are marvelous and wonderfully made, a virtuous woman that receives her reward and allows her works to bring praise and glory before the Lord. Come, learn and have fun as you participate in this anointed Christian pageant.

Pageant Categories Consist of:

  • Interview
  • Biblical Questions & Answer
  • Evening Gown
  • Public Speaking/Preparation and Delivery
  • Introduction Cultural Wear
Remember there is absolutely NO Bathing Suits in any Miss Christian Arizona/Oklahoma/Michigan Pageants.
Pageant FEES:


Application Screening FEE for All Contestants
(This is the process whereby you qualify to participate in this years pageant )


State Representative  Entry FEE
(This only applies to those whom are selected to participate in this years pageant )
NOTE: Entry fee includes a shared room for  Friday Night)

Each  contestant is responsible for selling in advertisement, for the state pageant program booklet.

Each  contestant is responsible for selling tickets in the state pageant competition.

Pageant Judging Components consist of:

50% - Personal Interview
50% - Public Speaking/Preparation & Delivery

Pageant Afternoon
50% - Biblical Question & Answer
25% - Cultural  Wear
25% - Evening Wear

Each contestant will participate in the following:

  • Biblical Question & Answer Training Sessions
  • Public Speaking Training Sessions
  • Salvation and Witnessing Training Sessions
  • Virtuous Women Living By Faith 
    • Image of a Christian Woman
    • Makeup, Hair  and Skin care
    • Poise & Posture (Body Language)
    • Interviewing: Do's & Don'ts
  • Worship Services
  • Various Help Workshops

Winner Prize Package

  • Official Pageant Crown & Banner
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetics
  • Official Pageant Pin


  • Speaking Engagements
  • Guest Appearances
  • Autograph Sessions
  • Evangelism
  • Missionary Work
  • Upholding the morals and standards of the Miss Christian Arizona/Oklahoma/Michigan Pageants under the order of Melchizedek, Jesus
  • Adhering  to the official Miss Christian Arizona/Oklahoma/Michigan Pageants Contract.

Work with the following groups

  • Piaute Park Outreach Support
  • Childrens Foster Care Homes
  • The American Heart Association 
  • Outreach  programs in your local church
  • Boys Homes
  • Nursing Homes 
Preparation for the Miss Christian America Pageant which will be held in California.

Call us at 480-334-9948 or fill out our online contact form.

Miss Christian Arizona/Oklahoma/Michigan Pageants
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